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Ask a professional athlete which sport requires the greatest endurance, and nine times out of ten you’ll get the same answer: soccer. In fact, one study found that a professional soccer player runs an average of 7 miles per game. Not two, or three, but SEVEN. Athletes of that caliber have to eat right, exercise often, and maintain prime physical health to perform on the pitch. And that’s not even counting the hours they have to put in every day to hone their craft.

The Facilities Manager for Atlanta United’s practice complex spoke to Bioesque Solutions to detail how he and his team foster a safe, healthy environment for the players and the team. A vital aspect of their operation? You guessed it—cleaning and sanitation.

[Quote Icon] “For a professional athlete, the locker room really is their home, and we want to make sure the home for these guys is as safe as it can possibly be.”

Luke M
Facility Operations Manager Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Training Ground

Check out their interview to learn why there’s only one disinfectant product in their equipment room.

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