Put cleaning and disinfecting in your hands with the Clean Safely Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

Weighing only 4.3 lbs. with a full tank, our professional-grade handheld sprayer is designed to allow the user to cover 2,000+ square feet on a single tank of fluid. In addition, it is designed to save time and labor, spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces.



Best-in-Class Accuracy

Clean Safely Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers enable a quick and effective chemical application. As fully-charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread allowing solutions to cover hidden and shadowed areas, and enables you to cover a large area in a small amount of time.
  • Professional Grade: Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of spaces including offices, shops, warehouse space, vehicles, restaurants, gyms, and more.
  • Engineered for Accuracy: Our spray nozzle delivers droplets at 75-microns to maximize area coverage.

  • Backed by Science: Positive, electrostatically charged ions coat, cling and wrap around all surfaces for superior protection against bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and more.

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Easy to Operate

No gauges, cords, or compressors–our cordless sprayer has been designed to be easy to use. Simply fill up the tank, turn on the electrostatic switch, and pull the trigger.
  • Portable: Clean Safely Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers are lightweight, cordless, and can be easily taken anywhere.
  • Touchless Application: No need to touch or wipe the surfaces. This provides a fast and effective application method, while using less solution.

  • Wide-Mouth, Easy-Fill Tank: Including fill-line indicator and measurement increments for quick viewing and accurate filling and refilling.

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Eco Friendly

With 36% more accurate product application vs. the leading competitor, Clean Safely Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers give an eco-friendly approach to disinfection by spraying less chemicals per square foot.
  • Vast Compatibility: Compatible with your choice of water-based disinfectants, cleaners, and deodorizers—the products you use are up to you, allowing for control over the chemicals used in your facilities and peace of mind for the safety of your visitors.
  • Sustainable Value: Cost effective and easy to implement due to their versatility, portability, and effectiveness, electrostatic sprayers eliminate the need for disposable, single-use plastic spray bottles.

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Rechargeable Battery

Complete with a 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 5-hour run time. (That's 25% longer vs the leading competitor!)

2-Step Safety System

Child-resistant, two-step safety mechanism helps avoid accidental product discharge.

Built-In LED Light

Forward-facing LED light illuminates coverage area so you can see where you spray and coat surfaces more accurately for better protection.

Ergonomic Balance

Optimized balance reduces user fatigue. Includes a shoulder strap to make transporting easy.

Save time. Save money. Get the job done.

Clean Safely Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers are making headlines and becoming the new standard in surface control.

The Other Guys
Run Time: 4 HoursRun Time: 4 Hours
Nozzle Type: PlasticNozzle Type: Plastic
On Target Accuracy: 61%On Target Accuracy: 61%
One Handed Operation: NoOne Handed Operation: No
Weight When Full: 5.9 lbsWeight When Full: 5.9 lbs
Clean Safely Powered by RSC Bio Solutions
Run Time: 5 HoursRun Time: 5 Hours
Nozzle Type: Stainless SteelNozzle Type: Stainless Steel
On Target Accuracy: 83%On Target Accuracy: 83%
One Handed Operation: YesOne Handed Operation: Yes
Weight When Full: 4.3 lbsWeight When Full: 4.3 lbs

Precise. Portable. Powerful.

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0 Hour

On-Target Accuracy

Industry-leading on-target accuracy spray nozzle delivers full and efficient coverage—83% of chemistry reaches designated target.

Run Time

Treat several thousand square feet of surface before you need to recharge while cordless convenience allows for effortless movement room to room.


Get all the technical specifications right here. Everything you need to know to stand out from the ordinary.

Model: CS1000ES

Physical Environment

One Handed Operation: Yes

Optimum Spray Range: 2-3 ft

Hardware Info

Tank Size: 1L

Nozzle Type: 316F Stainless Steel

Nozzle Shape: Full Cone

Pump Type: Recycle, Brushless

Built-In Light: Yes, LED


Supply: Cordless

Grounding: Yes

Battery: 12V 1.5 AH Lithium-Ion

Rechargeable: Yes

Run Time: 5 Hours (25% Longer vs. Leading Competitor)

Chemical Specifications

Compatible With: Water Soluble Disinfectants, Cleaners, and Deodorizers

Droplet Size: 75 Microns

Flow Rate: 0.15 – 0.20 Liter per Minute

Chemistry Reaching Designated Target: 83% (36% More Accurate vs. Leading Competitor)

Package Contents

1 x Sprayer

1 x Charger

1 x Rechargeable Battery (12V 1.5 AH Lithium-Ion)

1 x Shoulder Strap

1 x User Manual and Guide

Dimensions and Weight

Package Weight: 4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg

Package Dimensions: 13.5 in x 16.85 in x 5 in 

Unit Weight (Full): 4.3 lbs / 1.95 kg (27% Lighter vs. Leading Competitor)


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