Improving disinfection outcomes with electrostatic technologies.

Electrostatic is one of our new favorite words. Why? Because it represents the future of solution application in the cleaning and sanitation industry.

Traditional disinfection methods—wiping, scrubbing, mopping—are tried and true, but they are manual and can leave a large percentage of surfaces untouched and unprotected. Electrostatic applicators, on the other hand, are much more efficient making it possible for one team member to disinfect the same area that used to require five members.

Additionally, electrostatic applicators regularly achieve three times more coverage than a traditional spray bottle because of positively charged droplets. When droplets are positively charged, they magnetically attract to and wrap around target surfaces. That means underneath and hard-to-reach angles get the same protection as reachable surfaces.

For more information on the science behind electrostatic technology, check out this great article by Cleaning and Maintenance Management. Then, head to our store to check out the electrostatic sprayers we have in stock.

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