Keep Kids Healthy with Victory Innovations: Bus Cleaning

School buses and their drivers perform one of the most important jobs around: getting our kids safely to school and home again. Unfortunately, school buses can also be a rolling petri dish of germs, especially come flu season. That’s why it’s extremely important for every school district to implement a disciplined cleaning and sanitation protocol for their fleet of transportation vehicles.

Our partners at Victory Innovations Co. have made cleaning and sanitation easier and more efficient than ever before with their handheld and backpack sprayers. With innovations like that, there truly is no excuse for not protecting future generations from germs.

“All school transportation vehicles should have a high-touch disinfection program in place.”

Victory Innovations Co.

Check out this video to see how the technology works and why it’s the best solution on the market for the application of cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants.

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