Victory Innovations Co.: Electrostatic Demo

At Clean Safely, we don’t take our brand partnerships lightly. For a brand to be featured on our site, it must share our values, meet appropriate standards, and bring something truly unique to the market. Victory Innovations Co. passes each test with flying colors.

While they do not formulate cleaning products, they have revolutionized product application with their handheld and backpack sprayers. Electrostatic technology saves time, saves money, and provides better solution coverage for the safety of all.

“Because the particles don’t want to hang out in the air, they literally will come back into the vent pipe.”

 Chris Gurreri

CEO of Victory Innovations Co.

Check out this product demonstration video featuring Chris Gurreri, CEO of Victory Innovations Co. It’s a short but excellent demonstration of how the science behind electrostatic sprayers is moving the industry forward.

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